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Where It All Started

I graduated college in 2003, receiving my Associates of Applied Science in Web Design & Development. Shortly thereafter I began full-time freelance web design.  In 2005 I started working at an internet marketing firm in Bloomington, MN, called August Ash.  During my time at August Ash I had the opportunity to work with some large corporations and eventually earned the position of Senior Designer.

Ben Coyour Design

In 2010 I made the transition from the corporate world to being self-employed.  This was the beginning of Ben Coyour Design, LLC.

Much has changed over the years I've been in business, but my commitment to my clients has not.  In life and in my work I believe in honesty, integrity and hard work.  Getting to know my clients and their goals has been critical in creating lasting relationships.  I am continually thankful for all of the people I have the opportunity to work with and I look forward to many more years serving them.

Ben Coyour Design

What's with the plant theme?


In both my business and personal life, growth is important to me. This is why I chose the plant theme for my business. A website grows much like a plant, it starts small, requires much maintenance but it then produces fruit.

A bit about myself, I'm happily married and have 5 growing children! I enjoy family game time, walks, remodeling projects and working on cars.